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There is an alphabet of words to describe Sicily.

I spent a wonderful afternoon with John Keahey, walking the streets of Manhattan, having coffee, and mostly, sharing stories. He is a wonderful raconteur.

We happened on the Strand Book Store, a favorite place, and we went in to look for John's books. As it turns out, "Seeking Sicily" was sold out. That book is in its 6th printing!! Then, we could not find "Sicilian Splendors" in the Travel Writing section. When I asked, it turns out it's filed in the History section. That's not surprising, actually. Like Sicily herself, it is full of history.

If you have not read these books, I encourage you to enter John's world and hear his stories. Both are wonderful reads, and totally transporting. Take a trip from the coziness of your armchair. Enter the world of awesome, breathtaking, charming, delightful, exquisite, fantastic, gorgeous, historic....